Friday, December 10, 2010

The Yo-Yo Head Ninja and a Redecorating Idea

Per my mother-in-laws request I went searching for a picture today.  She wanted me to find a picture of myself and my daughter together for her Christmas newsletter. As I was going through the photos of our family from this past year I noticed that I have a lot of photos of the kids making funny faces at me or doing deliberately silly stuff.

For instance they like to play America's Next Top Model and have "challenges". They decided they had 5 minutes to find a ninja costume. See below:

                                                   L. in her ninja chic bathrobe and scarf.

D. with his fiercely scary Ninja sword and yes that is a yo-yo on his head and no I could not quit laughing for a good 20 minutes.  I am surprised I could hold still long enough to take the photo.

A few more shots:

They certainly do not lack creativity. 

Anyways, finding those photos gave me a laugh.  BUT I also found my funny face folder I was saving for a project.  This project is going to be a huge surprise for my family (at least the ones who don't read my blog LOL).  See the when the kids keep making the deliberate funny faces and screwing up the pictures I have decided to use the pictures anyways.  I found this great place that takes digital photos and makes them into custom wallpapers.  I am going to take all these funny face photos and turn them into wallpaper and put them up in our bathroom.  YEP - you heard me - all around our BATHROOM!

Photos like these would be great right near the toilet - now two of them are NOT family members but the expressions are just so perfect and too funny they had to be included:


I have more too but some of them are extended family I don't necessarily have their permission to put their images up.  The people above whose images are up half their faces are covered so people who don't know them wouldn't be able to identify them. 

So yeah - I am a little warped.  I think it would make a wonderful wallpaper and would be hilarious.  I keep adding to the file every family outing, every holiday, everytime someone makes a funny face while I have my camera out.   Go ahead let the kids "ruin" the pictures.  Just wait till later when it is PAYBACK time!

I don't let myself be photographed often.  I have two photos of myself with L. this year.  One is right after we taught her how to use makeup and we had just had makeovers.  The other was right before the zombie walk in Yellow Springs when we were in full zombie makeup.  The makeup one is only in my phone and hard to access. SO, it looks like this is what my mother-in-law may end up with for her Christmas letter:  Isn't the shirt lovely for all her friends and extended family to see?  She is gonna love me.  ha!


  1. I love the funny face shots. Kids are so much fun for making funy faces.

  2. Oh I am so into the child doing her impersonation of America's Top Model! I think she's mine actually...give her back!

  3. You're not at all warped, just a bit wicked!

  4. <-- Photographer who will shoot you for free!
    Wait, that didn't come out right...
    Anyway, do I detect an excuse for me to rope your family into a portrait session? ;-)

  5. You went on a zombie walk?! You took L?! You know I love you, right? So when your MIL gets all verklempt over the zombie christmas card, the love of Dingo will keep you warm.

  6. I think the zombie walk photo is awesome. It will also add quite a lot of character to your MIL's newsletter :)

  7. LOL She commented on the link to my blog on facebook - three words "Not. Gonna. Happen."

    Thanks for all the fun comments guys!!

  8. oH WHAT A wonderful IDEA WITH THE FUNNY FACE PHOTOS! Sorry bout the all caps, I'll try not to

    Great idea! Oh the things you could do with those! LOVE the by the toilet idea! ha ha ha ha!

  9. I LOVE the wallpaper idea for the bathroom!! Thats awesome. It looks like you have some great kiddos!

  10. ha ha make sure its the bathroom guests use so the humiliation will be complete.
    I can just imagine my MIL reaction if you were hers' LOL
    You got an award on my blog today, congratulations

  11. I love all of the pictures. You think that is what she had in mind though? LOL

  12. Was thinking about all the funny pics we have of the kids. You know how much we are going to be able to black mail them when they are in high school LOL.