Monday, December 13, 2010

My First Blog Award

Today I got my first blog award.  Thank you to Joanna St. James for giving me the Fair Dinkum award. 

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This award originated with L'Aussie and L'Aussie awarded it Joanna who passed it on to me keeping its spirit alive :). I am honored! Joanna has received it from more than one person as well and her blog is pretty cool so check her out!

I think it is great that people are enjoying my blog. My main goal is just to make people laugh. In the spirit of Fair Dinkum I want to pass the award on to a few people who have made me laugh or smile:

WeCovet - They are completely awesome. They are doing a giveaway for the holidays of Colette from Raw Art Letter Press Pooh Art and it is beautiful. Colette is amazing. Check her out. She is sending me a smaller print to give my mom who is fighting cancer.

Sandra - who likes to embarrass her kids as much as I do mine. I love reading her posts.

Elly - I love her Uke music - she is so talented and cool. Her Craftastrophe website is fun too.

Sheila - Her article about the big girls shoplifting had me in tears from laughing so hard and I completely identify with her take on facebook!

And if Joanna will accept it I wanna give one right back to her!!

There are soooo many other people who make me laugh. I love all the posts I read and comment on. Some I don't even comment but I enjoy them all the same. I would love to give the award to everyone I read but then I would be in front of the computer all day listing them out instead of reading them!

SO if I don't have your name up there don't feel bad - I still love you! I am just impatient to get to your post and see what you have up for me to read today. In fact I may be there even now as you are reading this, reading what you have written at the same time! Creepy huh? I wonder if we cancel each other out? Is it like a science fiction paradox thing?

Hey - if there are any super rich bloggers out there who want to award me I would love a chocolate fountain. Maybe a life size one with a shower room you walk through on the way to get to it? One you can put your entire body into and just play in the chocolate!! Chocolate everywhere! No takers...? A girl can dream...

In the meantime I am very pleased with Joanna's kindness - thank you again my friend! :)


  1. Congrats! on the award. It's well deserved.
    Sandra, just cracks me up. She's brilliant! I'll have to check out the others you've bestowed, too!

  2. Congrats girl! If I ever win the lotto i will buy you a chocolate fountain!

  3. congrats to the fourth power

  4. Kimber Leszczuk congratulations, I know how you are feeling my first stamp was a tremendous joy, because even when I made the blog in May of 2010 I never thought there would be a reader, and few readers were coming ... finally ... My short story.
    PS. on my blog has several seals that blogs have far more readers than my blog. So if you like any or all are there for you. A gift, but do not feel obliged to take only your heart will say yes there lol ... Most blogs are from europe. Chocolate delight adored by my children and grandchildren ......

  5. You totally deserve this award because i think you are all that. Congratulations to you and your awardees and thank you for mine too. I'll take it.

  6. congrats on the awards. I know a lot of people love your writing.