Friday, December 3, 2010

Reflections, A Birthday, Motherhood, Placentas

Today I am reflecting on childbirth and motherhood. 

Why you might ask?  You might not ask, but I am going to tell you anyways.

There are two reasons.  One it is my mom's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Then we come to the second reason.  My best friend - who has been my best friend since we were both 11 years old - is currently in labor with her first child.  They induced the labor this morning.  I hope she has the baby on my mom's birthday!

D.  and I have been like sisters since we were young.  Our birthdays were only one day apart too so I find it a funny coincidence she is having her kid on my mama's bday!

Anyways back to my reflections on birthing.  I hope hers goes quick and easy but judging that it is already noon it doesn't seem that it is going to be the case!   So while I am sitting here anxiously awaiting some news I am reflecting on what it was like when I gave birth to my little Diva. 

There was excitement and humor.   I had to be induced because of a hernia.  They started my pitocin early in the morning (much like D.'s being induced today). 

My water broke on it's own around 10:30am.  I was so relieved they didn't have to use the scary hook thing.  I went into heavy labor around 11:15am and after a short half hour or so of labor I started pushing and my daughter was born at 11:58am.  YES most of my friends HATE me because I had a fairly easy labor.  Diva (nickname) was born roughly 4 hours after they induced me and she was only 5lbs. 7oz.  19 inches long.  What people don't realize is that I gave birth ALL NATURAL - no drugs, no epidural and not necessarily by choice!

Yeah, I did the caring mom thing where I said, "I want what's best for my baby, I really do want to try to have a natural birth but if the pain gets too bad I will allow an epidural." 

OKAY so - I did NOT know ahead of time that I was going to go from being dilated to 2 to being fully dilated in LESS THAN 20 minutes and when I asked for the epidural the nurse was going to run screaming from the room, "THERE'S NO TIME,"  trying to find the doctor.  The doctor didn't get there in time and the midwife - who was incredibly awesome - delivered my baby with minimal tearing. 

I remember my mom was there in the room with me, and my husband.  My brother was there too until I started cussing.  When I started dropping F-bombs and other words in front of mom he started laughing and I guess the look I gave him for the laughter scared him to the hallway.  I wanted my family there.  Support all around.  I may be remembering it wrong though - he may have left because it was time for me to push and he didn't wanna take even the slightest chance of catching a glimpse of my hooha.... I think that would traumatize us both! Ha ha ha.  If he is reading this I can visualize him twitching at the thought even now.

They were not expecting the baby to come as quickly as she did.  I BEGGED for the drugs!! I am quite the drama queen at times.  The pain really wasn't that bad - just like really really bad intense menstrual cramping that wants to rip all of your insides out at once.   It was like someone was trying to scrape their way out with a spork from Taco Bell.  I remember that.   I also remember that after she was born when the placenta came out the warmth of it had a soothing effect over the area that had just hurt.  Almost like a balm.  YEAH I know that sounds really gross but it really did feel good and it helped. 

Then came the part where you see your baby.  Yes - that is true.  When you see your baby you really truly do forget everything else.  You even forget there are other people in the room.  I held her and told her how beautiful she was and how much I love her.  That is the part I remember the clearest.  Getting to see her for the first time. 

I also remember my brother coming back into the room, seeing the placenta in a bowl on a table, going pale, turning around and walking right back out for a few more minutes.  Ha ha ha!! Then he finally came in to meet his niece. 

I don't know how D. is doing back there in that hospital room but my thoughts are with her today.  It will be a day she will rememeber and cherish always no matter how it goes for her.  When she sees her daughter's face for the first time it will change her forever.   I am so happy for her and her husband and their family today.  My heart is swollen with the joy I feel. 

Their special gift to each other and the child is not revealing her name to anyone yet.  They are going to announce it when she is born.  They have told us the initials... RMT.

Well RMT - I cannot wait to meet you - try not to hurt your mommy on your way out okay?


  1. I know I still remember about every detail of Drake's birth. Those are truely memories to treasure forever. The birth of a child is truely a special occasion. And yep I would agree with your brother, the placenta in the bowl does look nasty.

  2. I will share the story of my homebirth with Merrick. My labor started at 1130am on a Thursday. My husband was at work. I wasn't having contractions but I decided to give my Midwife 'B' a call when I noticed some blood when I made my hourly bathroom run. She said she wanted to come and check on me. Since she lives about an hour away, this was a good idea. Well, right after I hung up the phone with her, my contractions started. They were very close but not too painful yet so I called my firend to keep me company until Terry or my Midwife made it to teh house. After about 20 minutes on the phone, I couldn't talk anymore so we hung up. It was then that I started getting alittle panicy. Little did I know, I was in transition. I sat on my birth ball and my water broke. My husband walked through teh door around that time, I think it was 1230. He hurried to set up the birth pool. I was pacing the floor, carrying hot water to the pool and working with my contractions. My midwife arrived at the house around 110pm. She told me to get in the pool and she would check me. To my utter shock, I was at 8cm! We were unable to get the water in the birth tub warm enough so we decided to move to the bedroom. The walk was enough to finish my dilation. About five minutes later I felt the urge to push. Merrick was born into both my hands and those of my midwife's after three pushes at around 122pm! I held him to my chest while we waited for the placenta to deliver. We nursed and cuddled in bed for about a half hour. Then it was time to cut the cord and give Daddy a chance to hold him. After that, we weighed him (7lbs 6oz), and he spent the rest of the afternoon snuggled skin to skin on my chest. I will always cherish my homebirth. I love the fact that I was never seperated from my baby and that he wasn't subjected to unnessecary medical procedures!

  3. I am glad that it went fast and relatively smooth for you!! Sorry you weren't able to do it in the birthing pool like you wanted. I am so glad you did get to have the homebirth you wanted. I am happy for you guys and Merrick is a cutie. Thank you for coming by and commenting on my blog.

  4. Baby was born last night 6:19pm 7lbs. 4oz. 20.5 inches long. Her name was also announced to everyone and I love it - it is adorable. CONGRATULATIONS to the new family! :)

  5. Awwe, congrats to D. Birthing stories are so fun. But, no drugs, you are crazy! LOL

  6. Happy Birthday to Mom and Welcome to our World RMT!