Friday, December 3, 2010

Who is More Stupid Here the Thief or the Victim?

Okay, I know I already blogged today but I really needed to comment on this. 

People complain about false 911 calls and I understand this lady was truly upset but what the heck did she think the police could do for her?  She called the police because someone stole her snowman. 

You heard me.  A SNOWMAN.  Not even a light up or inflatable one but an actual snowman made of snow.  It happened in the U.K.  There is a link with a recording of the 999 call (their equivalent of 911). 

I haven't checked this out on snopes yet but the link is from the BBC I have posted it below:

Okay - this is one of the reasons I could NEVER be a police dispatcher because I would not be able to contain my laughter at people.  I would probably have also had to ask this lady, "Ma'am are you serious? It is snow!  How the heck do you steal snow? Seriously?  What is your address so I can come slap you for tying up the lines and preventing people who need real help from getting through."

NOT to mention what the heck does a thief want with a snowman anyways?  They are not exactly lightweight to carry.   Remember how heavy those extra large snowballs are to heave up on top of each other?  Did he run down the road with it in a wheelbarrow giggling to himself at his accomplishment?  What did the neighbors think if they saw it happening?  How drunk do you have to be to think it is a good idea?  What is the payoff here?  Did he think it was something else?  Did he have a sick kid at home who wanted one and he was just too lazy to make it for him?  Is there a snowman dealer somewhere waiting to fence it to someone else for a profit?  Do they paint it with food coloring or something first to disguise it so the original owner won't be able to identify it?  Are they going to break it down and sell it for parts?

OR MAYBE - just maybe it was abducted by retarded aliens who thought it was an oddly shaped albino human of a type they had never seen or probed before?  Imagine if their probes are even heated the slightest bit.  I can hear them now panicking in their alien language, "Wow, they've never just melted like that before.  We should have known something was wrong when we didn't have to hypnotize them into being passive for the probe.  Then again - that has been getting easier anyways over the years."  Anyways, I doubt even the most retarded of aliens could be that dumb.   Even he wouldn't take someone's snowman. 

I would like to ask that England send some of their snow thieves here to steal ours?  Please?  I am ready for summer.

Thank you!

On that note I am off to bed.


  1. Hmm I wonder if there is a chop shop and a black market for snowmen parts. And wonder what type of prices they can bring in.

    Love the sense of humor, and yeah maybe a smacking in order.

  2. Like the post, very funny! Thanks for friending me on 30+...

    I've heard of this phenomena before...spontaneous snowman combustion.

  3. Thank you Greg. :) For some reason the story just tickled my funny bone. Sometimes stupid people just really get me going. I get on one of those what the heck were they thinking kicks and have to rant my thoughts!

  4. Maybe the snowman owed money to other snowmen. Since he couldn't pay off his debt, they came for him in the night. Right now he is sleeping with the Florida. ;)

  5. Julian, that is hilarious!

    Maybe the snowman was kidnapped and is being held for ransom. Hope they don't have to taser him to make him cooperate. Ha ha. Ha

  6. Being robbed of anything leaves many with a sense of being violated. If her young son worked many hours crafting that snowman just right, putting one of his own caps on it, even naming it -- to see someone stealing it and hurting her son might be enough to send a woman unthinking to 911. Because more than a snowman was stolen -- a bit of her son's innocence was stolen as well.

    There is always more to a story than the surface. Just being a softie, I know. Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting.

  7. Hi Roland - Thanks for commenting. When I was younger I had a light up santa ornament stolen off our porch. I have also been robbed at gunpoint before. I think that is part of why I reacted the way I did to this woman's call to the police. When you make a a snowman you expect it to be a temporary thing - not a permanent one. In the phone call she says it was hers - nothing at all about children.

    IT is cool to be a softie - I get it. If someone took something from my children I would be on the warpath. I would write a letter to the editor of the local paper talking about criminals in the city and what jerks they are. I would also sit my kids down and explain that because snow has no monetary value, no one was harmed, and we did not see the tresspasser who came onto our property the police would not take our call seriously and we would potentially be arrested for a false 911 call because it would not be considered a real emergency. So we could not call the police. I would also tell them to remember how they are feeling at this moment and that it is such a terrible feeling that this is why I never ever want them to grow up and be criminals because I never want them to cause anyone else to feel this way.

    Then I would hug them, tell them how much I love them and we would write the letter to the editor expressing how we feel about the whole thing.

    I would also talk to them about how maybe just maybe the person who took their snowman needed it more than they did and that we could make another one. Maybe that snowman was helping someone. AFTER we wrote the letter. I know it isn't fair but life isn't always fair and we just have to keep living our lives the best way possible treating others good not letting the bad get to us when it happens.

  8. Sealing someone's snowman is really sad. Even as I type, my eyes are watering.

  9. Nick - I think any stealing is sad! Seriously, what is wrong with people?

  10. OMG-really? DOH!
    People are so NUTS! But I have to admit, I did laugh a bit. (a lot, actually) :o)

    funny post, sad...but funny

  11. I'm embarassed to say that a Brit even made that call. Mind you as I get older i get increasingly embarassed by my fellow Brits. Yep, heard that as headline news the other night and turned over to watch 'Desperate Housewives'
    Thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind comment. I don't think I stand any chance in the competition having looked at some of the great blogs out there including this one...but hey it's a bit of fun. :) I've signed up to be your latest follower...nice posts :)
    Carol from

  12. Doh! Can't spell today either...embarrassed what is the matter with me today? I think my brain has frozen due to too much ice and snow here...oh yes and snowmen :)

  13. Could the thief be that big, firey, round thing in the sky?

    The idiocy of people never fails to amaze me.

  14. You know, this whole incredibly sad incident could have had a happy ending if the lady had just installed a GPS tracker in the snowman. If might not be thieves, after all. The little sucker might have just run off to check out the neighborhood.

  15. @ Renee Ann and Sheila - thank you!

    @ nitebyrd - I know right? LOL

    @Linda - skipping here and there and everywhere... ha ha ha lol but seriously - then it would have been a real theft a GPS tracker is actually worth something.

  16. ha ha this is just lol funny, unless the snowman was bedazzled in real ice you build a bridge and get over it.

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  18. LMAO!!! I wouldn't be a good operator either. I'd be like, "Really?"

    Super funny post!