Friday, January 7, 2011

College Confessions: I'm BiTechnical

Let me explain. College started back up this week. One of my classes has a writing lab. When I walked into the lab I saw something that made me nervous and a little queasy. College is the time for experimentation though right?

It was a MAC...and I am a PC person. My preference stems from when I worked for a company I will not name, building and repairing computers. PCs were just easier to deal with overall.

I was terrified. I sat in front of the alien machine and gently touched the keyboard. It was flat and stranger than I am used to but the screen was vibrant and colorful. The lab is required for my class so whether I like it or not I was going to have to learn to make it work for the next 10 weeks. Hesitant at first, I opened a browser window, it was a little strange to see things placed differently but overall it functioned very similar.

When the TA came in and had us use EXCEL for our lab work (combining statistics and psychology) I began to get a little bit more comfortable with it. EXCEL is a program I am familiar with and to see that it pretty much ran the same on a MAC made me relax. Maybe I would make it through this experience after all!

So I guess the first week back at college after winter break changed me a little bit. I learned that I am no longer strictly a PC person. I can use MACS too - I am Bi-technical.

Which do you prefer MACS or PCs? Apple or ANYTHING ELSE PLEASE? LOL

This quarter is looking like it is going to be a busy one. If you are a regular reader hang in there. I will try to post as often as I can but I am juggling 17 credit hours with tons of homework and lab work too. I am taking a chemistry class and three 300 level Psych classes one of which is considered writing intensive. My chemistry class is also considered writing intensive because of the labs and lab reports required.

We are learning some pretty neat stuff in lectures though. My first class of the day is Behavioral Neuroscience II. That is my concentration in psychology and I love it. Right now in there we are studying psychopharmacology and the effects of drugs on the body as well as the effects of placebos.

After Behavioral Neuroscience I run across campus for my Research Methods in Psychology lab which is about learning to read, write and incorporate statistics into your research writing and how to use the APA style correctly. Then after that lab I run all the way back across campus for the Research Methods Class that goes with the lab where we learn different ways to conduct research and how to think like more like a scientist.

After that I have to run back across campus again for my Chemistry class (literally I am going from one far end of campus to the other in a very short span of time - running and pulling 60 pounds of books behind me. I should lose weight this quarter.) The Chemistry is the first of a series of three Chemistry classes I need to take if I want to be able to have the additional science distinction on my degree. (I previously had a college level Chemistry class but this particular series of three are specifically needed as part of my requirements.) The class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays and so far I am doing okay with it. The math parts of it may get a little difficult as we progress but so far it isn't too bad and I am really intelligent so I am confident I will do okay. I got an A in Statistics last quarter so I should be okay with the math. I am finding it easier to pay attention in class now that I am older and actually there to learn instead of worrying about a social life, boyfriend, or who is having a party. The labs for the class are on Mondays and Wednesdays and they start next week.

After Chemistry I have I/O psychology in the same building (no running this time yay). It is a pretty interesting class too. It is about psychology in the workplace. Psychology in industry and organizations. It focuses on all kinds of issues like job stress, occupational therapy, employee turnover, HR issues, and that kind of thing. We have a group project in there that counts for 40% of our grade. That scares me a little but I think we will do okay.

So - wish me luck - here is to hoping I can keep my 4.0 and my sanity as I move one quarter closer to my goals.


  1. You are going to do great, you always work so hard on your school work. As for the computer question, I would have to say I'm a PC person. we deal with both at my office fixing them, PC's are much easier to deal with. Sorry you have to run around campus so much, but your right good weight loss program.

  2. Jinkies better you than me girl! I'm sure you'll do great and congrats on the bitechnical thing... I can use a Mac but would prefer not to if I can avoid it.

  3. I guess I'm a PC person. I have enough problems maneuvering those, though! I'm probably considered "Non-Technical". :)

    Good luck in your classes. I'm sure you will do great. People who have motivation usually do, and I can see you're motivated.

  4. Ya ya just keep rubbing that 4.0 in my face smart girl!
    Kidding...ok, not really... :)

  5. Good to hear you adapted so well, Kimberly; I've yet to try a Mac!

    Stopping by to say Hi! and to present you with the Stylish Blogger Award! You can pick it up here: Me Stylish?

  6. oh my world! what are u studying? astroblastrophysiostatistics?!?! wow!
    good luck with the GPA am impressed

  7. Good luck. Your a better women than I for even trying to go back to school! LOL

  8. Oh you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've never used anything but a PC either, so I would have felt the same way I think.

  9. Read is a journey private endless, love what you write makes me goog inside!

  10. I'm just going to pretend I didn't see the word "technical" up in the title.

    I'm a bit of a freak myself, in that I have several machines that allow for dual booting between Windows, Mac, OR Linux systems. You know, because it's all about being tri nowadays.

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