Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Creativity or Luck? The Birth of Pregnant Princess Spiderman

Sometimes I wonder if I am truly creative or have just been lucky enough to have funny (or weird) things happen when I am around to observe them.  For instance, my youngest was playing one day.  She had two costumes she loved very much and couldn't decide between them.  Of course this meant she had to wear them both at the same time.  She also wanted to play ball but both of her hands were full, so she put the ball up her shirt.  Hence Pregnant Princess Spiderman was born.  SHE named her (him?) that NOT ME.  So, I have great inspirational writing material but was I truly creative?  Or just lucky?


  1. That was a great costume, the kids do pick out some winners.

  2. I would say not only are you creative, you are observant and smart enough to grab a writing opportunity/muse when it knocks on your door!

    Love the costume your daughter created!

    Welcome to the blogging world, Kimber; I'm now a GFC Follower!

  3. Thank you Ruthi. I love your username too - abitosunshine - that truly is what you are! Thank you for the encouragement. I appreciate it.